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Updated by Hyung Kyu Jo on 18.06.2013

Overview of social security

From 1993, the social security in Lao PDR was developed in two separate social systems. One is the system for the public sector employees and the other is for the private sector employees. The developments are as follows. In 1993, the decree 178/PM regarding the social security system for public employees was approved. In 1999, the decree 207/PM regarding the social security system for enterprise employees was approved and it was officially implemented in mid 2001. In 2006, the revised decree 70/PM regarding the social security system for public employees was approved and came into force in 2008.
Currently the social security system of Lao PDR consists of 4 schemes:

  • Civil Servants Scheme (CSS) for the civil servants (SASS: State Authority for Social Security);
  • Social Security Organization (SSO) for the private sector employees since 2001 in response to the market economic growth;
  • Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) for the informal economy workers;
  • Health Equity Funds (HEF) for the very poor;

Although CSS and SSO are already providing a relatively comprehensive set of social security benefits, the two others are focusing only on access to health care.(See the table)

More about social security schemes and programs in Laos

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  • Civil Servants Scheme (CSS) and the State Authority for Social Security (SASS)
  • Social Security Organization (SSO) for private sector employees
  • Health care
  • References