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Uzbekistan: Social Protection for All
Video / film , ILO, 2021
Extending Social Protection to Migrant Workers, Refugees, and their Families
Guide / manual , International Labour Office, 2021
Protection sociale des travailleurs migrants. Une réponse nécessaire à la crise du COVID-19
Policy brief , Brener, M.; Kazi-Aoul, S.; Pal, K.; Urban, S.; Van Panhuys, C.; AISS; OIT, 2020
Social protection for migrant workers: A necessary response to the Covid-19 crisis
Policy brief , Mariano Brener; Samia Kazi-Aoul; Karuna Pal; Stefan Urban; Clara Van Panhuys; International Labour Organization; International Social Security Association, 2020
Social protection for migrant workers
Brochure / fact sheet , Labour Migration Branch & Social Protection Department, International Labour Office, 2014
Report on austerity measures and economic and social rights
Report , Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2013
Ensuring social security benefits for Ukrainian migrant workers
Book (or chapter) , ILO Decent Work Team and Country Office for Central and Eastern Europe, 2012
Social security coordination for non-EU countries in South and Eastern Europe. A legal analysis
Book (or chapter) , ILO Decent Work Team and Country Office for Central and Eastern Europe, 2012
BIG idea for SADC
Article , Frye, I.; Deacon, B., 2011
Development and the next generation
Report , The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank, 2006
Dynamiques locales et emploi en Haiti
Studies , MPCE/BIT/PNUD, 2000
China: Towards universal coverage by the New Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance
Report , Hu, A.; ILO, Social Security Department, 2007
Quatrain Noticias No. 1
Newsletter , OIT, CIF, 2008
Perspectives on the social security system of China
ESS Paper Series (ILO) , Drouin, A.; Thompson, L.H., 2006
Malaysia | Labour force and migration survey, 2009. Questionnaire
Questionnaire , Department of Statistics of Malaysia, 2009
Website , microLINKS, 2008
Asian Micro Insurance Network - AMIN (leaflet)
Brochure / fact sheet , AMIN, 2008
Abt International Health
Website , Abt International, 2008
India: Yeshasvini Co-operative Farmers Health Scheme (Karnataka)
Working paper , ILO SRO for South Asia, 2007
G-NEWS No. 4
Newsletter , ILO-STEP, 2008
OIT Notas
Newsletter , Oficina Subregional de la OIT para el Cono Sur de América Latina, 2008
Training and Reporting on European Social Security (trESS)
Website , Training and Reporting on European Social Security (trESS), 2007
Website , Eldis, 2007
Filling the Gap of Social Security for Migrant Workers
Other , Kulke, U.; ILO, Social Security Department, 2006