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Bangladesh_Final document
Project documents , SP&PFM programme, 2020
Bangladesh. National social security strategy (2015)
National social protection policies and strategies , Government of Bangladesh, 2015
Bangladesh. Rana Plaza Compensation Scheme
Technical Cooperation Report (ILO) , ILO, 2015
Old age social protection options for Bangladesh
Report , Haque Khondker, B.; Knox-Vydmanov, C.; Vilela, A., 2013
Bangladesh | Demographic Health Survey Report 2007
Report , National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPORT), USAID, 2007
Social protection in South Asia: a review
Studies , Köhler, G.; Cali, M.; Stirbu, M., 2009
Health Microinsurance - A Comparative Study of Three Examples in Bangladesh
Working paper , CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance, Mosleh U Ahmed, Syed Khairul Islam, Md. Abul Quashem, and Nabil Ahmed, 2005
Costing of basic social protection benefits for selected Asian countries. First results of a modelling exercise
Issues in Social Protection (ILO) , Mizunoya, S.; Behrendt, C.; Pal, K.; Léger, F.; ILO, Social Security Department, 2006
Micro-Insurers. Inventory of Micro-Insurance Schemes in Bangladesh
Inventory , ILO-STEP, WEEH, GENPROM, 2003
Overview of MI in Asia
Presentation (PowerPoint) , ILO SRO for South Asia, M. Socquet, 2007