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31.07.2019 MOZ106 Public

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Outcome summary

The Government adopted a management information system for basic non-contributory social protection programmes allowing the production of more timely and accurate statistics

Outcome achieved

(1) The Government has developed the Management Information System (MIS) for basic non-contributory social protection programmes, the "e-INAS", which is implemented by the National Institute of Social Action (INAS). The e-INAS was formally launched by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Action(MGCAS) on 19th July 2019 during a high level event chaired by the Minister of GCAS, during the Social Protection Week 2019 (15-22 July), and is operational in all (31) INAS delegations across the country. (2) The Mozambique Government was also able to produce accurate and timely statistics on social protection using a multi-sectoral technical team that carries the mandate to monitor and provide social protection statistics. The statistics are used for better planning and policy design at country level and also to provide accurate information for ILO’s SSI (Social Security Inquiry) to be used for the World Social Protection Database and the flagship ILO World Social Protection Report. The Government completed the ILO’s Social Security Inquiry (SSI) in July 2019 which permits to monitor Social Protection and progress against SDG target 1.3.1 (3) A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit was created in 2019 at the INAS. The Unit will permit enhanced monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Social protection programmes.

ILO's contribution to the outcome

(1) The ILO, with resources from the UN Joint Programme on Social Protection in Mozambique (UNJP), funded by DFID, the Governments of Sweden and the Netherlands has provided support to constituents since 2012. The contributions have included inputs towards the conceptualization, design, development and roll-out of the Management Information System (MIS) for basic (non-contributory) social protection programmes implemented by INAS, the "e-INAS". The ILO collaborated with the CEDSIF (Centro de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Informação de Finanças) – a public institution under Ministry of Finance in-charge of developing the financial system of the State to develop the software for the MIS. In 2018, training was provided by the ILO to build the capacity of INAS staff on the use of the e-INAS at central level and at decentralized level across the country in all INAS delegations (31). More than 300 INAS staff were trained with ILO support during the second semester of 2018 (Jun-Dec). (2) The ILO built technical capacity of Government to monitor and measure the progress on achieving SDG targets, namely SDG target 1.3.1, through two rounds of training (2018 and 2019) to twelve key senior staff from National Institute of Social Security, INAS, National Social Security Institute. This included also guidance on completing the Social Security Inquiry which feeds into the World Social Protection Database. (3) The ILO also provided support in the design of the M&E system for basic (non-contributory) social protection programmes implemented by INAS. This included: - Delivery of TRANSFORM training – focused on the M&E module during 3 days for technical staff (INAS, MGCAS, MEF, INE) in March 2018 (Malawi); - Technical workshop during 3 days in Dec 2018 (Maputo) to all INAS delegations (31 staff) and INAS central (15 staff from M&E unit, planning unit, finance department) to develop jointly the first draft of the M&E system for INAS SP programmes.

Gender equality & non-discrimination

Decree 47/2018 that regulates basic social protection programmes approved in August 2018 by the Council of Ministers gives focus on female-headed households as a priority target group for social protection programme PASP (Productive Social Action Programme).

Social dialogue

National Strategy of Contributory Social Security (ENSSO) designed through a social dialogue approach in consultation with workers, employers and government.