Result achieved

31.12.2019 MMR151 Public

Outcome summary

Workers and Employers have a better understanding of how to register with the Social Security Board

Outcome achieved

In 2018 , 2019 the Social Security Board (SSB) has been raising awareness in factories in 2 townships in Mandalay and Yangon for both workers and employers on how to register with the SSB for social security benefits using the communication materials (Pamphlets, posters and training materials) developed by the ILO. Awareness of Trade Unions (Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar, Myanmar Industry Craft Services Trade Unions Federation) increased about various social protection schemes, their procedures and benefits.

ILO's contribution to the outcome

With the support of the Multi Donor Trust Fund, the ILO provided support to strengthen capacity of SSB and TUs through: • Development of communication and training materials and training sessions on Social security schemes in Myanmar from November 2018 to May 2019. • Capacity building training for social partners on Social Health Protection’s global framework, minimum social security standard Convention no.102 and implications of Universal Health Coverage in June 2019 • Conducted South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) Knowledge Sharing Workshop between Thailand and Myanmar on Social Security in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar in June 2019 • SSTC Knowledge Exchange Study trip to Thailand in July 2019 and Indonesia’s Social Security organizations in September 2019 by high level tripartite delegations from Myanmar promote awareness of delivery mechanism, IT solutions and extension of social protection coverage

Gender equality & non-discrimination

The project makes sure both genders have the equal opportunity to participate in the training or having access to information we provided, and we are fully aware that majority of insured workers are women and we make sure their voices are heard and reflected in our activities

International Labour Standard

The basis of all activities implemented by the ILO in this area is Convention 102, Recommendation 202 and other ILO guidelines.

Social dialogue

Briefed and consulted with social partners on current development of Myanmar Health Financing Strategy by Ministry of Health and Sports, particularly on the implications it can have on Social Insurance schemes in Myanmar. Capacity building of social partners on C!02