Social Protection

Building social protection floors
and comprehensive social security systems


Joint message from ILO and the MEAE (France) as P4H Steering Group co-chairs

The P4H Network is unique: it gathers an exclusive set of institutions working on health financing and social health protection globally. It is the only international network which aims at facilitating dialogues between health, finance, labour and social affairs in order to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals targets 1.3 on universal social protection (USP) and 3.8 on universal health coverage (UHC).

P4H members include representatives of a diversity of actors at national, regional and global levels. As such, it has significant potential in terms of improving the coordination on policy design, financing, and implementation. The network also has the potential to influence policy processes in countries and at the international level in a singular fashion. Because we believe in the potential of the P4H Network, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France (MEAE), are committed to see P4H thrive to become a network that is even more results-oriented and accountable, and one that continues to foster collaboration, alignment, and joint actions among its members.

To that end, our common agenda during our mandate as SG co-chairs is clear: Continue to strengthen the accountability of the network and its capacity to communicate effectively, support the governance and monitoring and evaluation reforms towards greater transparency and ownership, and ensure that the network plays its facilitation role by nurturing joint activities among members and improved coordination. To realise this agenda, we will need to rely on the commitment and joint work of all members of P4H and all components of the network to play their part: the SG for strategic orientation and political steering, the Coordination Desk in its supporting function, the Technical Exchange Group as the main body holding technical exchanges and fostering concrete action bringing several P4H members together in support of country activities, and Country Focal Points, who are concretely supporting P4H member agencies in countries to coordinate their efforts.

The year ahead will surely bring continued as well as new challenges for social health protection and health financing. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that resilience to pandemics, economic crises, demographic changes, climate change and conflicts, can only be achieved through a coordinated response by health and social sectors, which in turn requires sustainable financing. Among diverse solicitations and technical topics, we will work to adequately translate the SG priorities decided in May 2022 in the P4H Network activities. In so doing, we will ensure that P4H can realize its full potential.