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Towards a European legal framework for dependent self-employed?


The Professionals and Self-employed Workers Union (UPTA) of Spain organised an event on economically dependent self employed (EDSE) in four focus countries (Bulgaria, France, Italy and Spain). EDSE are workers falling between the category of "workers" and "self-employed": they do not have a labour contract but their income comes from a single client on whom they are economically dependent. While in Spain this figure is legally recognised, defined and protected (EDSE would enjoy the same protection as an employee), in the other three focus countries there is no legal definition of the term EDSE. Many service contracts are disguised work contracts used to avoid the application of labour law and the fulfilment of social security obligations. UPTA is advocating for a European intervention to regulate this phenomenon and to guarantee social protection to these workers across the EU.

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19.03.2014 - Carla Alcobia