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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Assessing the feasibility, fiscal cost and impact of national social protection floors

ILO International Training Centre

From 14 to 18 July, ILO International Training Centre, Turin, Italy

This course is designed for policy planners, advisers and technical staff with quantitative background working for relevant government bodies and institutions as well as representatives of workers' or employers' organizations involved in the implementation of national floors of social protection.

This course provides advanced knowledge of, and management tools for, feasibility studies of national social protection floors through fiscal space analysis and poverty impact assessment.The course proposes to focus on practical ways to establish the analytical fact base for the implementation of national social protection floors. It is intended as the introductory course on technical assessments in the field of costing and poverty impact assessment for comprehensive social protection systems.

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Training : 14.07.2014 - 18.07.2014

27.03.2014 - Victoria Giroud-Castiella