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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


UNDG Asia-Pacific Social Protection Issues Brief is out now!

In Asia and the Pacific, the establishment of social protection floors (SPFs) has increasingly been recognized as an efficient approach to combating poverty, inequality, and social exclusion, and as a key element of national development strategies. The design and establishment of SPFs being a new area of work for many countries, requires the development of new methodologies to assess social protection systems, propose convincing recommendations, and support their implementation in a coordinated manner.

Against this background, the UNDG Asia-Pacific Social Protection Issues Brief contains:

  • a brief overview of social protection in the region;
  • potential areas for UNCTs to work with countries in designing and implementing national social protection floors; and
  • examples of ongoing activities related to the establishment of national SPF teams, conduct of national dialogues, analysis of needs and gaps, and technical capacity building.

The Issues Brief supports the joint UNDG-ILO letter written by UNDG Chairperson Helen Clark and ILO Director General Guy Ryder, which encourages UN country teams to propose and take concrete steps for the establishment of national SPFs. In this context, all UN country teams are encouraged to read and share the document with relevant stakeholders.

Download the Issues Brief.

Publications : 17.07.2014 - 17.07.2014

17.07.2014 - Loveleen De