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ASEAN Trade Union Workshop for Strengthening Social Protection in ASEAN Community

More specifically, the trade unions’ workshop seeks to:
- Inform on the ASEAN Declaration on Social Protection and recent development for its implementation in the region;
- Prepare a joint statement among ASEAN trade unions on key issues related to social protection in the region (opportunities and challenges in implementing national social protection floors, identification of priorities, protection of informal and rural economy workers, protection of migrant workers, gender equality in accessing social protection);
- Define the role of trade unions in the implementation of the ASEAN Declaration and the social security reforms at national level.

- A joint union statement on opportunities and challenges related to the implementation of the ASEAN Declaration and extension of social protection in ASEAN, which will be presented at the upcoming ASEAN tripartite meeting in late 2014;
- Defined role in the implementation of the ASEAN Declaration and commitment with the promotion of social protection floors in the region.

employment services , social protection floor
Events : 01.08.2014 - 01.08.2014

26.08.2014 - Chet Thaochoo