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Oxfam calls for the end of extreme inequality now


Oxfam has just launched "Even it up: Time to End Extreme Inequality", the flagship report to support Oxfam's new five year global campaing to end extreme inequality around the world.

According to Oxfam, seven out of ten people live in countries where the gap between the rich and poor is greater than it was thirty years ago, and in 2014 Oxfam calculated that the richest 85 people on the planet owned as much as the poorest half of humanity. The recently released report documents new evidence that the gap between rich and poor is growing ever wider and is undermining poverty eradication. Drawing on case studies from around the world, the report presents the causes of inequality and demonstrates the impact that rising inequality has on rich and poor countries. It then looks at the concrete solutions that can overcome it by exploring the different ways that people and governments are responding to it.

The report intends to be a contribution to a debate that is already on the political and economic agenda, as Oxfam joins other institutions, organizations, social movements and ordinary people around the world on the matter. The campaign was launched on October 30th in more than 30 countries.

Read more about the Oxfam's campaign "Even it up!" and download the report "Time to End Extreme Inequality".



31.10.2014 - Carla Alcobia