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After Rana Plaza: Bottom Up Not Top Down To Ensure Workers Safety

Social Europe Journal (03.11.2014)

On the morning of the 24th of April 2013, the nine story Rana Plaza building collapsed, killing 1137 people, and injuring more than 2500 workers. Images of this tragic event were broadcast to the world. When the dust settled, it became clear that this was not just a Bangladeshi tragedy, but an international one: 29 international fashion brands sourced garments from the different factories housed in the faulty building. Rana Plaza was depicted in international media as a “wakeup call”, an “eye opener”, the end of “business as usual” in the global garment supply chain, and that there would be a change to the way clothes are produced.

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accidents du travail et maladies professionnelles

04.11.2014 - Tomas Barbero