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Brazil: Boats ensure social security services to isolated communities in the Amazon

CIPS - Information Centre on Social Protection

The Brazilian National Institute of Social Insurance attended over 39 thousand beneficiaries and provided over 7 thousand benefits to the isolated communities of the Amazon rainforest. Four boats of the mobile unit PREVBarco cover 46 municipalities in the Amazon, accessing areas where there are no Social Insurance Agencies, thus ensuring the right to and the payment of social insurance and social assistance benefits to these communities.

Using high technology, the staff on each boat is able to have online access to data regarding each beneficiary and carry out payments. These services are provided between March and December, according to local demand and navigation conditions in the rivers.

The Brazilian authorities expect that by December, 2014 these boats will extend their services to 60 municipalities and cover over 100 riverside communities.

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06.11.2014 - Carla Alcobia