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Rising income inequality: trends - and measures to prevent and reverse it


The Policy Seminar “Rising income inequality: trends - and measures to prevent and reverse it” took place at the ILO Headquarters on October the 23rd, organized jointly by the ILO, the UNCTAD and the UNU-WIDER.

Isabel Ortiz, Director of the ILO’s Social Protection Department, highlighted the persistent inequality in the world, and the rise of it in the OECD area, China, India, and other economies, further increased by the global crisis.

Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies in the UNCTAD, brought the idea of reducing income inequality with international trade and finance help.

Finally, Giovanni Andrea Cornia, from the University of Florence and ex-Director of the UNU-WIDER, presented the Latin American experience of significant decrease in inequality since 2002, and the policy lessons to be learnt by countries in other parts of the world in the coming years. 

Presentation of Isabel Ortiz

Presentation of Richard Kozul-Wright

Presentation of Giovanni Cornia

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06.11.2014 - Tomas Barbero