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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Indonesia: Launch of a Design study of single referral system for the extension of social protection

Schmitt, V.; Muyanto, R.; Langenhove, T. V.

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INDONESIA. To support the application of the social security for all in Indonesia, the International Labour Organization (ILO), in collaboration with the Indonesian’s Ministry of Manpower and the ministry of social affairs, launched a study entitled “Design study of the single referral system for the extension of social protection in Indonesia” on 02 December in Jakarta. The study has been officially launched by Director General of Social Protection and Social Security, Ministry of Social Affairs, Dr Andi ZA Dulung, the Director General of Industrial Relation and Social Security, Ministry of Manpower, Mr Irianto R. Simbolon and the ILO Country Director in Indonesia, Peter van Rooij.

Single Referral System (SRS), also known as Single Window Service, is to ensure better coordination among all social protection stakeholders at both operational and policy levels, and thus to improve efficiency in delivering social protection benefits and employment services. This one-stop shop for social protection programmes and employment services would provide information to potential beneficiaries on guarantees and services, facilitate registration processes, update beneficiary databases, facilitate the appeals mechanisms, and improve coordination among programmes.

“It is expected that the SRS will contribute to overcoming the challenges faced by social protection and employment programmes in Indonesia in terms of limited outreach of existing programmes, lack of coordination between institutions that leads to duplication of services and inefficiencies, lack of empowerment of sub-national institutions, and insufficient data management, monitoring, and evaluation.” Said Peter van Rooij, director of the ILO country office in Jakarta.

The SRS will serve as the core mechanism to provide access to social protection benefits and services, and will support the government efforts to extend social protection coverage to informal economy workers, own account workers, farmers and other uncovered groups. “It describes well a network mechanism on how to reach the beneficiaries who live in villages so that its useful guidance helping us improves our performance in better deliver social protection programme” said Dr Andi ZA Dulung, Director General of Social Protection and Social Security, Ministry of Social Affairs. 


12.12.2014 - Gregoire Yameogo