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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Maternity protection and the Gender Dimensions of Social Security

At its 2016 fifth training on Maternity Protection, held in Issyk-Kul from 15 to 16 June, the ILO DWT/CO-Moscow office has provided technical and organisational support to prepare regional tripartite specialists of the Kyrgyz Republic, who would be able to promote and implement later ILO Maternity Protection Standards (modules in English and Russian).  The ILO trainers presented international standards on maternity protection issues, compared international and national practices for further consideration by the tripartite representatives participating in the training.  Training included sessions on differences between ILO Conventions 103 and 183, employment protection and non-discrimination, cash and medical benefits, health care at workplace, how to assess national law and practice, role of the stakeholders and other topics related to maternity protection and international standards.

They also identified gaps in the national maternity protection system for further improving actions, which could be taken into consideration by the stakeholders. 


Access the one-pager on Maternity Protection in Kyrgyzstan


07.07.2016 - Artiom Sici