SSO ILO Project: Investment Work and Training

This workspace contains resources related to investment and financing work under the ILO SSO project: “Strengthening Social Security Office Capabilities in Policy Design with a Focus on Research and Actuarial Services”.



The project plan provides for the following work under the overall objective 2.6 , (The development of a Funding Policy and reviewing the Investment Policy):

  • Activity 2.6.1 - Workshop with SSO Board and Management on financial governance of social security and the importance of a coordinated management of benefits, funding and investment policies
  • Activity 2.6.2 - Create link from actuarial valuation projections to investment management
  • Activity 2.6.3 - Training on ISSA Investment Governance Guidelines
  • Activity 2.6.4 - Assessment of current regulations, assessment of international practice and recommendations
  • Activity 2.6.5 - Drafting of a funding policy
  • Activity 2.6.6 - Collection of data on assets classes available to invest SSO funds
  • Activity 2.6.8 - Recommend an Optimal Asset Allocation based on either an efficient frontier or a stochastic model, and implementation plan depending on availability of data
  • Activity 2.6.9 - Recommend an asset management structure
  • Activity 2.6.10 - Draft a report on optimal asset allocation and management structure
  • Activity 2.6.11 - Meeting with the SSO Board and management to present the report and validate the content of the Investment Policy
  • Activity 2.6.12 -Implementation of investment policy


In addition to the work above, additional items of work may be undertaken including an information day for Board members and a study trip on investment management.

This workspace contains further information and resources on the work completed under this part of the project



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