SOCSO - Eleventh actuarial valuation and capacity building project

The ILO SOCSO project covering actuarial, investment and capacity building activities runs from 2019 to 2023. This Workspace contains documents, training resources, project management tools and other documents for sharing between SOCSO and ILO. 

This project has delivered a number of outputs which are made available in this Workspace. The key outputs are

  • The 11th Actuarial Valuation of ESSS finalised in March 2022
  • The 1st Actuarial Valuation of SESSS finalised in April 2022
  • Other technical notes and reports covering extension of coverage, closure of Act 4 and supporting reforms, pension reform analysis and reporting issues
  • Investment technical support including a review of Governance and relevance of ALM
  • Actuarial capacity building including training, support for the development of the Actuarial Department and its staff and support for examinations.

Whilst most of the technical reports were delivered by June 2022, an important output over the duration of the project will be ongoing work to build  actuarial capacity of  SOCSO staff through technical and management support. The legacy of the project will therefore be that actuarial capacity and resources within the organization will be sufficient to carry out future actuarial valuations with limited external resources required.

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