ASEAN-ILO/Japan Project

Projet ASEAN-ILO/Japan pour la Promotion de la Protection Sociale en ASEAN

ASEAN member states have recognized social protection as one of the key priority areas to achieve growth with equity and “integration with a human face” by 2015. At country level, a number of ASEAN governments have already started designing and reforming their social security systems and employment services, including measures to provide protection to those who have lost their jobs. However, coverage provided by social insurance schemes very often remains limited to formal employment; hence innovative measures to tackle the needs of vulnerable workers are still needed.

Committed to extend social security in the region, the ten ASEAN Member States adopted a Declaration on Strengthening Social Protection on 9 October 2013 in Brunei Durassalam.

ASEAN Declaration on Strengthening Social Protection

The ILO/Japan Project to Promote and Build Social Protection and Employment Services supports the shared need among the ASEAN’s governments and social partners for further exploring, designing and implementing strategies and schemes that will increase access to social protection and employment for all. More specifically, the project contributes to the implementation of the recently adopted ASEAN Declaration to Strengthen Social Protection. In addition, by facilitating South-South knowledge sharing and cooperation, the project offers a platform for generating knowledge and developing capacities.

The project is implemented in close collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting (SLOM), ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Social Welfare and Development (SOMSWD), ASEAN Confederation of Employers, ASEAN Trade Unions Council, and employers and workers' organisations in ASEAN countries. 

The phase I of hte project (2011-2013) focussed on promoting unemployment insurance and employment services in ASEAN, with a target country being Viet Nam. The on-going phase II (2014-2016) brought knolwedge and facilitated exchange of experiences and good practices for the effective implementaiton of the ASEAN Declaration on Social Protection, including capacity devleopment activities on issues such as extension of pension, unemployment protection, delivery of social benefits and services.

More specifically, in close collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat, the project:

• Advocates for the establishment of social protection floors (SPF) and more comprehensive social security systems in ASEAN countries, in the framework of its economic integration by 2015;

• Provides technical support for the effective implementation of the ASEAN Declaration on Strengthening Social Protection, in particular by involving better social partners in the process of drafting the Plan of Action and developing a monitoring framework for measuring progress in extending social protection in ASEAN;

• Facilitates knowledge sharing, capacity building and South-South cooperation among ASEAN Member States and woth other Asian countries through regional seminars, experts’ missions, and hands-on training activities on social security related issues.

Areas of action

ILO-ASEAN partnership on social protection

Building capacity of ASEAN social partners: Employers' organizations and Workers' organizations

Developing a monitoring framework for measuring progress in extending social protection floors in ASEAN

South-South exchange of experiences and expertise: study visit to Mongolia

Promoting unemployment insurance and employment services in ASEAN

Key resources

C. Ong, C. Peyron Bista, 2015: The state of social protection in ASEAN at the dawn of integration, ILO, Bangkok

J. Carter, M. Bedard, C. Peyron Bista, 2013: Comparative review of unemployment and employment insurance systems in Asia and Worldwide, ILO, Bangkok


The unemployment insurance scheme in Viet Nam: an experience to be shared

The one stop shop: The Mongolian experience for delivering social protection and employment services

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