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ILO-Fast Retailing Project for Unemployment Protection in Indonesia: Quality Assistance for Workers Affected by Labour Adjustment (UNIQLO)

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This page is managed by the ILO-Fast Retailing project for knowledge management. The project aims at improving unemployment protection including unemployment benefits and active labour market policies in Asia. For more detail about the project, please have a look at About us.

Events and meetings

08 Nov 2019 Briefing for the Social Security Directorate on unemployment benefits and international labour standards

29 Nov 2019 Discussion on employment insurance and activities in Indonesia

17 Dec 2019 Workshop on training material development for public employment service

20 Jan 2020 Training workshop on international labour standards on social security and employment insurance

20 Feb 2020 Tripartite meeting on skills development

26 Feb 2020 BPJS conference on the Manpower Act reforms towards decent work

26 Feb 2020 Discussion on the development of PES capacity building programme in relation to employment insurance

03 Mar 2020 National conference on international experiences of protection against unemployment and its relevance for Indonesia

04 Mar 2020 Tripartite workshop on employment insurance parameters in Indonesia

13 May 2020 Online workshop on review of animation courses of BBLK Bekasi with AINAKI

06 Jul 2020 E-learning lab on digital TVET

07 Jul 2020 Initial discussion on the draft design of PES training manual

14 Jul 2020 Validation workshop on rapid needs assessment of ICT skills with industry and business association

21 Jul 2020 Validation workshop on rapid needs assessment of ICT skills with the Ministry of Manpower

25 Aug 2020 Technical inputs to the Executive Office of President on the wage subsidy programme

12 Sep 2020 Youth Talk: skills development for employment and entrepreneurship

18 Sep 2020 BRAVE: How to build personal branding in social media

22 Sep 2020 Kick-off meeting on distance learning on animation content creator with BBPLK Bekasi and Binus Create

29 Sep 2020 Building institutional capacity to operationalize employment insurance (JKP)

07 Oct 2020 Meeting with BPJS on the introduction of PES

10 Oct 2020 - 9 Feb 2021 E-training on animation/motion graphic: coordination meeting with BBPLK Bekasi and MoM

13 - 20 Oct 2020 Technical meeting with MoM (Binapenta) on detailed online training as part of pilot testing

20 Oct 2020 FGD with students of BBLK Bekasi on motion graphic course

22 Oct 2020 Technical meeting with MOM to discuss policy options of unemployment benefits

22 Oct 2020 Technical meeting with BPJS Employment (Directorate of Operations) on EI operation

29 Oct 2020 Technical meeting with Directorate of Social Protection on JKP

04 Nov 2020 Technical meeting with MoM (Binalatas) on EI institutional set up

06 Nov 2020 Technical meeting with BPJS Employment (Strategic Planning Director) on EI operation

24 Nov 2020 ILO discussed trade unions’ concerns of new unemployment protection programme

10 Dec 2020 Discussion on feasibility study on JKP implementation in Indonesia with MoM

11 Dec 2020 Discussion on feasibility study on JKP implementation in Indonesia with BPJS

21 - 23 Dec 2020 Validation workshop on employment services (ES) training package

07 Jan 2021 Focus group discussions with students of computer network course of BBPLK Bekasi

26 Jan 2021 Technical meeting with BPJS Employment on results of actuarial studies

27 Jan 2021 Technical meeting with MOM (Social Security Director) on results of actuarial studies

12 Jan - 8 Apr 2021 Technical meeting on IT network professional (computer network) e-training module development

23 Feb - 6 Jul 2021 E-Learning programme on social protection policy design, programming and implementation for Indonesia

05 Mar 2021 Technical meeting on old-age income security with Social Protection Director of MOM

09 Mar 2021 Media Briefing: Examining Social Insurance, particularly unemployment insurance, for the protection of workers in the new normal era

13 Mar - 22 May 2021 Soft skills e-training for youth and job seekers

15 Mar 2021 Opening course: Indonesian skills training instructors move towards digital transformation

05 Mar - 17 Jun 2021 Training of BLK/BBPLK instructors on e-training development and delivery

17-24 Mar 2021 Series of knowledge sharing activities on skills demands and job opportunities in information and communication technology (ICT) in Indonesia

25 Mar 2021 SPL1: Seminar on countering unemployment in the United Kingdom

31 Mar 2021 Technical meeting on the results of feasibility study on a proposed unemployment benefit scheme with the government

05 Apr 2021 Technical meeting on JKK and JKM with Social Protection Director of MOM

08 Apr 2021 Technical meeting on the development of e-training with Standard and Competency Directorate of MOM

17 Apr 2021 Webinar on ICT skills: Soft skills training to prepare youth entering the world of work

27 Apr 2021 Workshop on actuarial work for unemployment scheme

03 - 07 May 2021 Training of trainers on public employment service with MOM

03 May - 11 Jun 2021 E-Learning on actuarial work for social security

03 May - 11 Jun 2021 E-Learning on contribution collection and compliance

22 Jun - 05 Jul 2021 Workshop on investment governance and asset and liability management

30 Jun 2021 Webinar: The transformation of online vocational skills learning programme

12 Jul 2021 Meeting with BAPPENAS on pension reforms

13 Jul 2021 Meeting on pension reforms with Ministry of Finance

14 Jul 2021 ILO-TEMPO interactive discussion: From unemployed to get back to work, what can unemployment insurance do?

15 Jul 2021 Technical meeting on pension with Social Protection Director of MOM

23 Jul 2021 Meeting with the directorate of social protection on pension work

27 Jul 2021 Meeting with MoM-PES on e-learning of PES administration

28 Jul 2021 SPL2: Digital channels for public employment services and unemployment benefit schemes in Asia

29 Jul 2021 Meeting with BPJS on data request

09 Aug 2021 Academy on decent work in the rural economy

16 Aug 2021 FGD on BPJS study on adequacy of JHT replacement rate

25 Aug 2021 SPL3: The role of stakeholders in social protection reform in South Africa

31 Aug 2021 TUD1: Benefits and challenges in JKP implementation

06 Sep 2021 Tripartite meeting: ILO social protection programme in Indonesia

29 Sep 2021 SPL4: Reforms of the employment insurance system of Korea in coping with the COVID-19 crisis 

30 Sep 2021 TUD2: Policy Options for Old-age Pension Reform

16 Sep 2021 Technical meeting: Briefing on JKP operations

20 Sep 2021 Technical meeting: Briefing on Employment Injury Insurance (EII)

22 Sep 2021 Technical meeting: FGD on JKP operations

11 Oct - 29 Nov 2021 Pilot training on Computer Network and Motion Graphic

15 Oct 2021 Technical meeting: Briefing on pension and old-age benefits (JP & JHT)

21 Oct 2021 FGD: Life-long universal social protection

27 Oct 2021 SPL5: Socio-economic conditions of old age population in Indonesia and their perception on old age income protection

28 Oct 2021 TUD3: Feasibility for implementing maternity benefit scheme

24 Nov 2021 SPL6: Social protection and climate change

30 Nov 2021 TUD4: Workers’ perspectives on reformation of social protection system

20 Dec 2021 Online Discussion: Maternity leave and benefit: are women protected?

21 Dec 2021 Technical meeting: Policy discussion on old-age pension system reform in Indonesia

11 Jan 2022 Technical meeting: Update on social protection priority in Indonesia

26 Jan 2022 SPL7: Maternity and paternity benefits across the world

29 Jan 2022 TUD5: The roles of trade unions in governance of social protection system

12 Apr - 19 May 2022 Soft skills training to prepare factory workers for the future of work


04 Sep 2020 ILO and Fast Retailing group join forces to promote employment and social protection in Indonesia

29 Jan 2020 Indonesia to build a new scheme to protect the unemployed

03 Mar 2020 Indonesia to learn unemployment benefit schemes from five countries’ experiences

04 Mar 2020 International experiences of five Asian countries on unemployment benefits

09 Mar 2020 Indonesia to improve its social protection system by adding unemployment benefit

20 Apr 2020 The importance of strengthening social protection systems to cope with the impact of Covid-19 on the world of work

14 Jul 2020 Supporting the development of digital learning in Indonesia

21 Jul 2020 Tackling the impact of COVID-19 pandemic with transparencies between employers and workers

16 Sep 2020 Preparing youth with skills for employment and entrepreneurship

18 Sep 2020 (Opinion editorial) Building comprehensive protection against unemployment

22 Sep 2020 Get noticed for employment: The importance of personal branding for job seekers

27 Oct 2020 Infographics - Rapid assessment of ICT skills demands in Indonesia 2020

01 Dec 2020 ILO discussed trade unions’ concerns of new unemployment protection programme

02 Mar 2021 Indonesia enhances its human resources for more effective social security programmes

12 Mar 2021 Engaging journalists to better promote the new unemployment benefit scheme

17 Mar 2021 Soft skills improve the employability of youth and job seekers

19 Mar 2021 Indonesian skills training instructors move towards digital transformation

23 Mar 2021 It is time for young women to grab opportunities in ICT Sector

30 Mar 2021 ICT jobs are in demand and for everyone

01 Apr 2021 Indonesia to learn from the United Kingdom to set up public employment service

21 Apr 2021 Soft skills training to prepare youth entering the world of work

11 May 2021 Extending social protection to Indonesian digital workers

09 Jul 2021 Digital transformation for effective vocational education and training

14 Jul 2021 ILO: Employment Insurance (JKP) – A step to deliver integrated assistance for job seekers

22 Jul 2021 Indonesia to prepare integrated public employment service to assist unemployed finds a new job

02 Sep 2021 ILO facilitates stakeholders learning on social protection

26 Oct 2021 Video: Understanding employment insurance and active labour market policy

05 Nov 2021 Universal pension, what is it? Why is it necessary?

23 Dec 2021 Podcast - How protected are pregnant workers

12 April 2022 Equipping garment factory workers with soft skills to face future of work challenges


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30 Jul 2020 International practices of income protection for unemployed persons: Implications for Indonesia

28 Aug 2020 Policy design of employment adjustment subsidy in Japan

24 Aug 2020 Wage subsidy in the time of crisis

15 Sep 2020 An assessment of the social protection needs and gaps for workers in informal employment in Myanmar

29 Oct 2020 Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan (JKP) - Inputs to the Government of Indonesia

02 Dec 2020 Legal, financial and administrative considerations for an employment insurance system in Indonesia

02 Dec 2020 Guidelines for the ILO wage subsidy programme in the garment sector in Indonesia

14 Dec 2020 Exploring policy options for an employment insurance scheme in Indonesia

23 Dec 2020 Rules and practices of severance pay in Indonesia

18 Jan 2021 Rapid assessment of information and communication technology skills demand in Indonesia

05 Feb 2021 Countering unemployment in the United Kingdom

22 Jun 2021 Actuarial analysis of a proposed unemployment insurance scheme in Indonesia

25 Nov 2021 Reforms of the employment insurance system of the Republic of Korea to cope with the COVID-19 crisis

30 Nov 2021 A guide for employment services practical training package for employment services staff in Indonesia

30 Nov 2021 A guide for employment services theoretical (e-learning) training package for employment services staff in Indonesia


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