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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Social Protection statistics and indicators inter-agency working group

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Background: Towards a social protection statistics and indicators inter-agency working group


There is a resurgence of interest for social protection at the global level. In parallel, many countries, both developed and developing, experienced a significant growth in the provision of social protection benefits over recent decades. The recent adoption of the ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202) will actively contribute to this process of extension of social protection and calls explicitly for the monitoring of social protection systems both at national and international levels. This last provision brings an important challenge since there is not as of today any consistent and systematic methods regarding the gathering of data and information on provision, coverage, cost or impact, while those would be much needed. Indeed, at national level, many countries face real difficulties in assessing current social protection provision gaps and needs. At the global level, there is a lack of consistent and readily comparable analysis of provision across countries. Furthermore, the efforts made by the international community to gather such data were not always consistent, and in some cases, resulted in duplication of efforts and inefficiencies.

In 2011, the G20 called for greater coordination between agencies on social protection, and SPIAC-B was subsequently created. At the 2ndand 3rdmeetings of the SPIAC-B, it was agreed to put some cooperation efforts towards social protection data and statistics. Subsequently, an initiative for the harmonization of international social protection data was put forward in order to promote data quality, increase institutional efficiency, avoid unnecessary duplication, and develop a consistent statistical picture of social protection provisions both at present and over time globally (across all countries regardless of their development status).

Urged by this need to develop an integrated and a collaborative approach allowing for the monitoring of the extension of social protection,  the ILO Social protection Department convened a workshop on “Mapping existing international social protection statistics and indicators that would contribute to the monitoring of social protection extension through Social Protection Floors”. Between 13th and 15th March 2013, it was decided that a more permanent social protection statistics and indicators inter-agency working groupshould be established and composed of key development partners working on the collection, analysis and dissemination of social protection data for the purpose of international comparisons.

The Workspace

This workspace is a tool for the social protection statistics and indicators inter-agency working group. It will facilitate discussion and the sharing of information and resources across the relevant international organisations.

Through the workspace, the working group will continue to work towards mapping the various ways social protection coverage is currently measured across organisations and the different indicators used and developing greater coherence between organisations in the way that social protection coverage is defined and measured.

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Materials prepared and made available for the workshop




Wednesday 13


Session A | Inter-generational


Session B | Children


Thursday 14

Session C | Active age


Session D | Older persons


Friday 15

Mapping of existing data & indicators

Links to resources by organisation

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC


Key links

  • Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean | ECLAC
  • Statistics main page | More
  • Conditional cash transfers database (Programas de Transferencias Condicionadas - CCT ) – qualitative and quantitative information | More
  • Social pension database (Pensiones sociales - Base de datos de programas de protección social no contributiva en América Latina y el Caribe) | More
  • Series of country report describing social protection system | More
  • Social expenditure statistics | More
  • Monitoring the first Millennium Development Goal Database | More

Shared resources

  • Indicators of child poverty | More
  • Guidelines to estimate child poverty (Guía para estimar la pobreza infantile) | More

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Key links

  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations | FAO
  • Statistics main page | More

Shared resources

  • To be completed

European Commission (DG_Eurostat)

Helpage International


Key links

  • Helpage international | Helpage
  • Pension watch database | More
  • Global AgeWatch | More
  • Global AgeWatch national report cards | More

Shared Resources

  • Ageing in the Twenty-First Century: A Celebration and a Challenge | More
  • Guidelines for people to fill in country template | More
  • Helpage country pages 26 November 2012 | More

International labour Office, ILO


Key links

  • International labour Office | ILO
  • Global extension of Social Security platform | More

Data & indicators

  • Global extension of Social Security platform – Statistics page | More
  • ILO social security inquiry database | More
  • Webspace on social protection resources in household surveys | More
  • Module of generic questions on social protection to be included in household surveys (to be adapted to each country) – draft | More

Reports & documents

  • World social security report | More
  • Recommendation 202 | More
  • Convention 102 (link to normlex) | More

Manuals and resolution

  • ILO Social security inquiry manual 2005 | More
  • Resolution concerning the development of social security statistics | More         
  • Decent Work Indicators - Concepts and definitions (ILO 2012) | More

International Social Security Association, ISSA


Key links

  • International Social Security Association | ISSA
  • ISSA country profiles | More

Shared resources

  • SSA/ISSA Social security programs throughtout the world | More

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD


Key links

  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development | OECD
  • OECD social policy statistics portal | More
  • OECD SOCX database on social expenditure | More
  • Family database and Child-WellBeing module | More
  • Benefits and Wages (tax/benefits levels)  | More
  • Income Inequality database | More
  • OECD Pension at a Glance indicators | More
  • Health Data 2010: Statistics and Indicators | More


  • Latest SOCX Manual in Part II of OECD Working Paper No. 124, October 2011: “Is the European welfare state really more expensive? Indicators on social spending, 1980-2012 and a manual to the OECD Social Expenditure database (SOCX)" | More

International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth UNDP-IPC


Key links

  • International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth | UNDP - IPC

Studies & publications...

  • Policy Research Brief No. 41 – Bolsa Família after Brasil Carinhoso: an Analysis of the Potential for Reducing Extreme Poverty by Rafael Guerreiro Osório and Pedro H. G. Ferreira de Souza English | Spanish | French

United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF


Key links

  • United Nations Children's Fund | UNICEF
  • Statistics and monitoring | More
  • Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) | More

Shared resources

  • To be completed

World Bank


Key links

  • World Bank | World Bank
  • ASPIRE (Atlas of Social Protection: Indicators of Resilience and Equity) | More
  • Pension data | More
  • Safety Net Spending database | More
  • World Development indicators | More

Shared resources

  • Public work excel data file | More

World Food Programme, WFP


Key links

  •  World Food Programme | WFP
  • Food Aid Information System (FAIS) | More
    With a view to nutrition interventions, the IRMA(Individual Requirements Met on Average) values are very useful disaggregated by donor, type of intervention, recipient and year
  •  Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) | More
  •  Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions (CFSAM) |  More
  •  The Factory | More 
    General and project specific data with a view to operational requirements and donor contributions. This is relevant with regards to spending on WFP supported safety net activities (including school meals, food-for-assets etc).
  • General overview on Food Security analysis | More

Shared resources

  • To be completed: have to check if WFP came with materials to share on the first day and if links to these publications can be found online

Other organisations


Other organizations not present but involved


Additional information by guarantee | Main links


Additional resources by guarantee


Inter generational

Persons in active age

  • International Fund for Agricultural Development | IFAD
  • Rural poverty portal | More
    • Publications | More
  • Review of public works programmes (Ana McCord)
  • WHO World report on disability | More
  • UN-Habitat for housing benefits | More



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