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Protección Social

Estableciendo pisos de protección social y sistemas integrales de seguridad social

Capacity Building Workshop: Extending Social Protection to the Informal Economy in Vietnam

10-11 January 2019, TQT hotel, 1A Yet Kieu street, Ha Noi



  • Share up-to-date information on the situation in Vietnam and opportunities to expand coverage of short-term social insurance benefits, in light of the Master Plan for Social Insurance Reform (MPSIR) and Master Plan for Social Assistance Reform and Development (MPSARD)
  • Brainstorm among Social Insurance Department (SID) and Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) officials for their vision and expectations from the short-term social insurance benefit packages





Challenges for the extension of social protection to the informal economy - Quynh Nguyen (Vietnamese / English)

Maternity benefits - Silke Steinhilber (Vietnamese / English)

Sickness benefits - Doan Trang (Vietnamese / English)

Good practices from ASEAN countries on extension of coverage - Nuno Cunha (Vietnamese / English)

R28 and multi-tier extension approach of MPSIR - Huu Tho Nguyen (Vietnamese / English)

Child/family benefits: exploring the possibilities of multi-tier extension - Shea McClanahan (Vietnamese / English)



Group work on health

Group work on pensions

Myth busters (Vietnamese / English)

Role play for advocacy

Force field analysis (Vietnamese / English)