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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


IUC -ITC/ILO - ILO seminar on migrant's rights to work and social protection

The International Labour Organization (ILO), International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC/ILO)  and International University College of Turin (IUC) have joined hands. A Partnership on “Facilitating access to social protection for migrants and refugees through Law Clinics” which aims to establish an evidence base on migrants’ rights to work and social protection, as well as develop practical guidance material for concrete application will be launched on 21 March 2016 in Turin, Italy.


The objectives of the joint seminar are: 1) to launch the partnership; 2) to provide an overview of migrants', asylum seekers' and refugees' rights to work and social protection; 3) to share experiences from other countries; 4) to kickstart the research activities for 2016 and discuss the outline of the guide that will be developed.


Participants will be students participating in the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic (HRMLC) which is offered by the IUC in partnership with the Departments of Law of the Universities of Turin and Eastern Piedmont in Alessandria. The HRMLC provides students with practical legal experience guided by University staff and local attorneys. It is part of a larger network of Clinics throughout Europe, the European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE).




02.03.2016 - Clara van Panhuys