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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Module V: Conclusion

Objective of the module:

  • To have participants discuss among one another, their take-away from the training course and their national  roadmaps

Target groups:

  • Representatives of ministries and working teams involved in the planning, financing and management of social security systems in a country; Ministry of Labour, Social Security Institutions, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Planning, and other Ministries
  • Representatives of worker and employer associations as well as civil society organizations
  • Social protection experts from UN agencies and NGOs


Completion of Modules I, II, III and IV

Estimated duration of the module:

45 minutes


Session 1: Feedback and learning

Session 2: Closing remarks and way forward

Checklist of questions that are answered through the module:

  • What are the ideas picked up from this training course that can be taken back to my country?
  • What is the roadmap that can be used in my country to implement social protection schemes according to the most pressing needs?
  • What are the tools and methods that could be most effectively used in my country to implement social protection schemes?

Training methods:

Discussion between organisers and participants, talk, knowledge fair

Material to be distributed to participants:

Anonymous feedback sheets

Physical media required:

Writing paper and pens, laptops

Module V: Conclusion

Session 1 (30 min):

The final session is organised as a discussion between instructors and participants on their learning and take-away from the course. Participants are encouraged to talk about possible ideas or plans they may have for implementing in their own countries. The feedback session has been filmed for future reference (Code: ASS_MOD5_VID_001).

In order to encourage active discussion between participants, the facilitator asks volunteers from different countries to elaborate on their roadmap for the future. The volunteers are also asked to explain the process and methods used or planned for use in their countries in the assessment process. Methods may include workshops, literature review, or the creation of sub-working groups at national or sub-national levels; involving line ministries, inter-ministerial task forces, UN agencies, CSOs, workers, employers, academia, and so on.

Feedback sheets are distributed to participants wherein they anonymously provide their evaluation of the course and their ideas on how it may be improved. A blank feedback sheet is attached to the module (Code: ASS_MOD5_DOC_002).

Session 2 (15 min):

This session is for the closing remarks and a speech on the steps to be taken by various institutions going ahead. The speech by Chulalongkorn University (Code: ASS_MOD5_SPEE_003) and by ILO (Code: ASS_MOD5_SPEE_004) are attached.

For more information on how the sessions were conducted, please see the minutes of the workshop.


Session 1

Session 2


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