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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Session V

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Session V - Developing sectors of the economy through a combined set of social protection and employment measures

Session moderated by: Wanchat Suwankitti, National Economic and Social Development Board, Thailand

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1. Universal Coverage Scheme in Thailand and its impact on economic growth

Speaker: Dr Thaworn Sakulphanit, Deputy Director, Health Insurance System Research, Ministry of Health, Bangkok, Thailand

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2. Contributing to the growth diamond through the development of a long term care system in Thailand

Speaker: Viennarat Chuangwiwat, Programme Officer on Social Security, ILO Bangkok

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3. Supporting the development of the construction sector through the LabourNet initiative

Speaker: Meena Jain, Head of Pedagogy, LabourNet, Bangalore, India

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4. Indonesia: contributing to the development of infrastructure through Public Works Programmes

Speaker: Emma Allen, Programme and Research Officer on Employment-Intensive Investment Programme, ILO Country Office for Indonesia, Jakarta

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5. Promoting sustainable rural development through Bolsa Verde in Brazil

Speaker: Silvia di Gaetano, Social Protection Consultant, ILO Bangkok

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6. Role of employers in the development of combined sectorial approaches

Discussant: Mr Jose Roland Moya, Deputy Director General, Employer Confederation of the Philippines, Manila

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