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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Presentations 29 Aug

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29 August

Session 8 - Presentations of Financial sustainability of selected benefits/contributions levels in existing laws and regulations

Methodology: Group presentations

Facilitator: Mr Hiroshi Yamabana, ILO Geneva


Session 9 - From principle to practice: Pension and UI

Topics covered: Challenges and amendments to the old age pension scheme in Viet Nam

Presenter: MOLISA, Viet Nam Delegation

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Topics covered: Unemployment Insurance, its design and implementation in Thailand and Viet Nam

Presenter: Ms Celine Peyron Bista, Chief Technical Advisor, ILO/Japan UI project, ILO Bangkok

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Topics covered: Challenges in implementing the UI policy and lessons from the ILO/Japan UI project in Viet Nam

Presenter: Ms Ngo Thi Loan, ILO Viet Nam

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Session 10 - Governance, administration, and implementation issues: from principles to practice

Presenter: Ms Emmanuelle St Pierre, ILO Geneva

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Session 11 - Way forward, administration and implementation of social security in Lao PDR

Presenter: Mr Xaikham Phannalath, Division Director, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Lao PDR

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