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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Presentations 28 Aug

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28 August

Session 5 - From designing a law to the development of rules & regulations and challenges faced by the different countries

Presenters: Ms Emmanuelle St Pierre & Ms Sinta Satriana, ILO

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Process followed for the development of the Prakas on SHI in Cambodia and lessons to be learned

Presenter: Malika Ok, ILO Cambodia

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From principle to practice: Experience from Thailand in amending the social security law

Presenter: Dr Thaworn Sakulphanit, Ministry of Health Thailand

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Session 6 - From the design to financing of social security benefits

Presenter: Mr Hiroshi Yamabana, Actuary, ILO SEC-SOC Geneva

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Session 7 - Financial sustainability of selected benefits/contributions levels in existing laws and regulations

Methodology: Group exercise using MS Excel

Facilitators: Mr Hiroshi Yamabana & Mr Thibault van Langenhove, ILO

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1. Note on the financing exercises

2. Overview of financing techniques of social security benefits

3. Pension Fund financing exercise question 2013

4. Tasks for Day 2

5. Reference data - Population by Age Annual Male

6. Reference data - Population by Age Annual Female

7. Reference data - Life Expectancy by Age Male

8. Reference data - Life Expectancy by Age Female