Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Monitoria Comunitária Independente ao Programa Apoio Social Directo - componente de Pós Emergência (PASD-PE)

Plataforma da Sociedade Civil Moçambicana para a Protecção Social (PSCM-PS)
Policy brief
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Summary (English)

Supported by the ILO through the United Nations Joint Programme on Social Protection (funded by the Netherlands, Sweden and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of the United Kingdom), the Mozambican Civil Society Platform for Social Protection (PSCM-PS) conducted an activity of Independent Community Monitoring (MCI) on the PASD-PE in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This brief was produced as an offshoot of that activity, and it assesses the perceptions of and concerns raised by beneficiaries of the programme, as well as identifies key findings and possible options for improving its implementation. Conducted in the District of Montepuez in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, this MCI engaged over 1,600 participants. The brief shows that communities acknowledge the importance of PASD-PE for reinforcing their resilience in light of the impacts of COVID-19, but they highlight the need for better communication and information sharing, strengthened mechanisms for grievances and complaints, and improved outreach to those who live in more remote locations.