Social Protection


Fechando a lacuna da protecção social na velhice: simulações dos efeitos de uma pensão para cobertura universal de velhice em Moçambique

Imarciana Cunamizana, Marcos Muianga, Celso Zunguze e Finório Castigo
Policy brief
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Summary (English)

This policy brief presents key findings following the application of the MOZMOD tax-benefit microsimulation model to estimate the impact on poverty and inequality reduction in Mozambique based on scenarios of extension of universal coverage of social protection for all old-age people and increases in adequacy levels. It was produced by Mozambique’s Ministry of Finance with support from the ILO (through the UNJP on Social Protection, funded by the Netherlands, Sweden and FCDO) and UNU-WIDER, and was launched on 15 October 2021 during Mozambique’s Social Protection Week.