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The Recurrent Discussion on Social Protection (Social Security)

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The Recurrent Discussion on Social Protection (Social Security) under the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization took place during the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference, 2011.

In preparation for the recurrent discussion, the Report VI, Social Security for Social Justice and a Fair Globalization was published to inform the debate on the present state of social security around the world, identify the main challenges, highlight national and ILO responses to these challenges and suggest for the direction of future actions.

The Conference Committee took place during 10 sessions from 1 to 4 June 2011. The following presentations were made by the Secretariat:

Presentations were also made by other organizations:

  • ISSA: Statement on the ILO strategic objective of social protection (social security) - English - French - Spanish - (See also the Power Point presentation - English)
  • UNICEF: UNICEF and social protection. An equity lens - English
  • UNDP: UNDP work and perspectives on social protection - English
  • World Bank: Building social protection systems. The World Bank's evolving ideas towards operational approaches - English

A complete Report of the Committee for the Recurrent Discussion on Social Protection is available, which includes the Conclusions concerning the Recurrent Discussion on Social Protection and the accompanying  Resolution on Social Protection adopted by the 100th Session of the ILC in 2011. The Resolution expresses the commitment of governments, employers and workers in the 183 member States of the ILO to step up their efforts to build social protection floors as part of their national strategies to develop comprehensive social security systems. 

The Conference also noted the need for a new Recommendation to complement the other existing International Social Security Standards, and provide flexible and meaningful guidance to governments when designing and implementing "social protection floors". The Governing Body of the ILO has therefore decided that the 101th Session of the ILC in 2012 should discuss this possible Recommendation as a follow-up to the discussion in 2011.

In preparation for the discussions about the elaboration of an autonomous Recommendation on the social protection floor, the ILO has elaborated the Report IV (1), Social protection floors for social justice and a fair globalization. This summary report covers examples on law and practice in member States from different regions, legal systems, traditions and circumstances. The Report is accompanied by a questionnaire drawn up with a view to preparing the Recommendation on the social protection floor. Governments are invited to complete the questionnaire and sent its replies to the ILO, on the basis of which the ILO will prepare the final report summarizing the views expressed in the replies and proposing a draft Recommendation.  

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