Social Protection

Building social protection floors
and comprehensive social security systems

January 2019

Social Protection OUTLOOK - January 2019


At the time of publishing the Social Protection OUTLOOK the main international issues on social protection are:


100 years of social protection. The road to universal social protection systems and floors50 country cases, I. Ortiz, V. Schmitt, L. De, ILO, 2019

Work for a brighter future, Global Commission for the Future of Work, ILO, 2019

Reversing pension privatizations. Rebuilding public pension systems in Eastern Europe and Latin AmericaI. Ortiz, F. Durán-Valverde, S. Urban, V. Wodsak, ILO, 2018 (book)

Reversing pension privatization: Key Issues, ILO, 2019 (brief)

Construire des systèmes de protection sociale. Normes internationales et instruments relatifs aux droits humans, BIT, 2018

Global Wage Report, ILO, 2018

Ratification of ILO Convention No. 102 and other social security standards, ILO, 2018

Universal basic income proposals in light of ILO standards: Key issues and global costing, I. Ortiz, C. Behrendt, A. Acuña-Ulate, Q. Nguyen, ILO, 2018

Social protection for older persons: Policy trends and statistics 2017-19, ILO, 2018

The ILO multi-pillar pension model: Building equitable and sustainable pension systems, ILO, 2018

Innovative approaches for ensuring universal social protection for the future of work, C. Behrendt, Q. Nguyen, ILO, 2018

Setting out for digital social security, E. Weber, ILO, 2018

The architecture of digital labour platforms: Policy recommendations on platform design for worker well-being, ILO, 2018

Care work and care jobs for the future of decent work, ILO, 2018

Reversing pension privatization. Rebuilding public pension systems in Eastern European and Latin American countries (2000-18), I. Ortiz, F. Duran-Valverde, S. Urban, V. Wodsak, Z. Yu, ILO, 2018 (Working paper)

Pension privatization and reversal of pension reforms in Argentina, F. Bertranou, O. Cetrángolo, C. Grushka, L. Casanova, ILO, 2018

Reversing Pension Privatization in Bolivia, C. Mesa-Lago, ILO, 2018

Reversing privatization and re-nationalizing pensions in Hungary, D. Szikra, ILO, 2018

Reversing Pension Privatization in Kazakhstan, E. Maltseva, S. Janenova, ILO, 2018

Reversing pension privatization. The case of Polish pension reform and re-reforms, M. Polakowski, K. Hagemejer, ILO, 2018

The reversal of pension privatization in Ecuador, F. Peña-Jarrín, ILO, 2018

Repeal of the privatization of the pension system in Nicaragua, K. Navarro Medal, ILO, 2018

The reversal of pension privatization in Venezuela, L. E. Diaz, ILO, 2018

Second-pillar pension re-reforms in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, and Slovakia. Benefit payouts amidst continuing retrenchmen, E. Fulz, K. Hirose, ILO, 2018

Is biometric technology in social protection programmes illegal or arbitrary? An analysis of privacy and data protection, Magdalena Sepulveda, ILO, 2018

Building an adequate U.S. labor and social protection system for the 21st century, S. Polaski, ILO, 2018

Social protection for indigenous peoples, ILO, 2018 (also available in French: La protection sociale des peuples autochtones and Spanish: Protección social para los pueblos indígenas)








More publications

Data & Tools

Main statistical resources

Pension primer

ILO Social Protection Floors Calculator

Social Protection Monitor 2017 Update

Inter-Agency Social Protection Assessments (ISPAs)

Social protection assessment-based national dialogue. A global guide

Social Protection Floor Initiative: Manual and Strategic Framework for Joint UN Country Operations

Legal instruments and the right to social security

Financing social protection

Fiscal space for social protection and the SDGs: Options (also in French and Spanish)

Actuarial practice in social security



Access to social protection for migrant workers, refugees and their families, 25 - 29 March 2019

Strengthening financial governance and management of pension schemes in Arab States, 01-12 April 2019

Extensión de la protección social en el contexto de las políticas de formalización, 20-24 May 2019 (Spanish)

Social health protection – addressing inequities in access to health care, 01-12 July 2019

Academy on social security, 16-27 September 2019 (English and French)

Public Finance for social protection analysts, 07-18 October 2019

Impact assessment for social protection analysts, 21 October – 01 November 2019

Actuarial modelling for social protection analysts, 18-29 November 2019


ILO Flagship Programme on Social Protection Floors

ILO works on social protection in 136 countries in areas such as design/reform of schemes, legal support, actuarial valuations and national social protection strategies with UN country teams. Additionally, the ILO Global Flagship Programme is mobilizing resources to make social protection floors a national reality in 21 target countries. By joining ILO’s Flagship programme you can make a significant contribution to SDG 1.3.



Pension primer: Three video tutorials on administration, design options and reforms of pension systems, ILO

Moçambique. Sistema de Proteção Social, ILO

The ILO Global Flagship Programme on Building Social Protection Floors for All. The voice of development partners, ILO

ILO’s Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors, ILO

Práticas na extensão da proteção social ao trabalho doméstico na CPLP, ILO

On your own, extending social protection to workers in the informal economy in Mozambique, ILO

World Social Protection Report 2017-19. Summary, ILO

Extending social protection in Timor-Leste by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Mr. Ramos-Horta, ILO

Timor-Leste: Why is social protection important to you?, ILO

Facilitating access to social protection to migrants and refugees through Law Clinics, ILO

Social protection for all: Protecting the people that build Zambia, ILO

Social protection for rural migrants in China, ILO

Being someone: Basic social protection in Mozambiqu, ILO

Launch of the Global Partnership for universal social protection, ILO

ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on universal social protection and the SDGs, ILO

Garantizando el acceso universal a la salud en Perú, ILO

Seguro social campesino en Ecuador, ILO

Archbishop Emeritus and Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu on Universal Social Protection, ILO



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