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 Rapid Social Protection Calculator for COVID-19

This tool supports countries to make rapid adjustments to social protection systems in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Responses to the COVID-19 crisis require an adequate assessment of their impact on the cost of social protection programmes. In normal times, such assessments can be made well in advance and based on comprehensive information and sophisticated actuarial modules. But the COVID-19 crisis is forcing many countries to make rapid assessments.

Social Protection Monitor

ILO’s Social Protection Monitor is based on a systematic analysis of media/news published online. The Monitor tracks announcements of measures that affect the functioning of a social protection system, from minor parametric adjustments to major developments and reforms, as well as social subsidies. The Monitor is a useful source to update and complement the comprehensive global social protection statistics reported in the ILO Social Security Inquiry.

publicationExtending social security coverage to workers in the informal economy. Lessons from international experience

This policy resource package serves as a reference for policy makers, workers’ and employers’ organizations and other stakeholders engaged in the development of social protection strategies, or the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of systems and schemes. This practical tool can help in developing viable policy options to address the multi-fold challenges of extending social protection to workers in the informal economy and facilitating transitions to formality.

 Toolkit on ILO social security standards

This toolkit was developed with the aim of raising awareness about ILO social security standards and promoting their ratification as well as increasing their impact and application in national contexts. It provides practical and useful insights as to the ratification procedure, model instruments of ratification as well as interactive information on the relevance and key provisions of the ILO standards.

 ILO Actuarial Models (Health and Pensions)

ILO/PENSIONS and ILO/HEALTH are online computer-based actuarial projection and simulation tool developed by the Social Protection Department of the International Labour Office (ILO). The models aim to provide information on the expected financial impact of the introduction of and/or parametric changes to social protection schemes. Ultimately, these models are meant to support the costing and design of reforms in social protection systems.

publicationFiscal space for social protection. A handbook for assessing financing options

This handbook provides guidelines to assess financing options to extend social protection coverage and benefits. All of the financing options described in this handbook are supported by policy statements of the United Nations and international financial institutions – and governments around the world have been applying them for decades, showing a wide variety of revenue choices. 

publicationSocial security inquiry

Social Security Inquiry questionnaire has become the main comprehensive tool used to compile data on social protection coverage for children, unemployed persons, older persons, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, newborns, work-injury victims, and the poor and the vulnerable. 

 Social Protection floor costing calculator

The ILO Social protection floor costing calculator is an easy-to-use tool to estimate the costs of the different components of social protection floors: child and orphan allowances, maternity benefits, public works programs for those without jobs, disability and old-age pensions. The SPF Calculator allows to explore and compare different policy options for each area, to assess the costs of extending social protection coverage and benefits. The Calculator is available in English, French and Spanish

publicationPension primer. A toolbox to achieve equitable and sustainable pension systems

This online pension primer provides key learning materials on pension system design, policy options, benefit adequacy, statistics, video tutorials, country cases and more. The pension primer includes three video tutorials on administration, design options and reform of pension systems.

publicationInter-Agency Social Protection Assessments (ISPA)

ISPA tools support countries in building coherent social protection systems, ensuring complementarity between initiatives, coordination across sectors, sufficient scale for addressing needs as well as strengthening effective and efficient service delivery systems. ISPA tools have been developed by the world’s leading social protection specialists from more than 20 international organizations and development partners, with strong partnerships from Governments. 

publicationSocial protection assessment-based national dialogue. A global guide

This guide helps users to conduct assessment-based national dialogue (ABND) exercises, which are the first step towards implementing nationally defined social protection floors. The ABND exercise is based on national multi-stakeholder dialogue concerning social protection strategies, challenges and concrete areas of action. It offers a unique opportunity for UN agencies to build on the synergies of one another and deliver as “One UN” for more efficiency and greater impact.

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publicationUnemployment protection. A good practices guide and training package

This unemployment protection guide provides guidelines and tools to conduct training sessions and workshops on unemployment protection. In addition, it can be used as a toolkit by policy-makers to conduct feasibility studies for the design of unemployment benefits schemes for both informal and formal economy workers that are linked with employment promotion policies. 

publicationFinancing social protection

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the many financing options available while also provides a thorough analysis of their advantages and disadvantages and their financial and economic implications. It presents a "methodological toolbox" from which social protection planners, managers and social policy analysts can work.

publicationActuarial practice

It presents technical material on valuation covering a wide range of risks including old age, survivors, disability, sickness, maternity, employment injury, and unemployment.  It discusses the valuation of pensions, short-term cash benefits like sickness, maternity, unemployment insurance and employment injury.

publicationSocial budgeting

The first part of the book provides guidance for designing a social accounting system. The second part shows how the relationships between the economy and the social protection system can be translated into a quantitative model that permits projections and simulations to be carried out. Includes two concrete country applications.