ILO Quantitative Platform on Social Security (QPSS)




The ILO’s Social Protection Department has developed the Quantitative Platform on Social Security (QPSS) to provide social protection systems worldwide with robust tools to support evidence-based policy analysis and reforms.

QPSS tools and corresponding training materials are accessible through national social protection agencies and institutions, as part of ILO technical support and capacity-building activities in quantitative techniques.

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ILO/PENSIONS, the ILO Actuarial Pension Model, is a customisable and flexible analytical tool created to simulate and assess the adequacy and sustainability of a variety of social security pension schemes and systems. Access the user manual here: EN, ES.


ILO/SSI, the ILO Social Security Inquiry, is a tool to assist in the data collection, processing and integration for national social protection statistics. Watch this video to learn more about the SSI: EN, ES, FRPT.


ILO/HEALTH, the ILO Actuarial Health Model, is a powerful and flexible tool to facilitate health care systems quantitative analysis and reforms, for both contributory and noncontributory schemes. Access the user manual here: EN, FR.


ILO/RAP, the Rapid Assessment Protocol / Social Protection Costing Tool, is an agile solution for estimating and projecting the cost of closing gaps in coverage and financing of social protection floors. Access the user manual here: EN.


ILO/POV, the ILO Poverty Impact Assessment Tool, will enable the ex-ante projection of the impact of planned social protection programmes on income poverty. It is currently under development.