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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Video: On your own

International Labour Organization, ACTION/Portugal

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Within the framework of the project ACTION/Portugal, funded by the Government of Portugal, ILO-Maputo produced a documentary on the extension of social protection coverage to workers in the informal economy in Mozambique.

Despite being one of the fastest growing economies in Africa in recent decades, the informal economy still ensures the survival of many families in Mozambique. The low rate of registration of informal workers in the social security system places these workers in a situation of great vulnerability.

The country has taken important steps towards extending social protection coverage in the country, but many challenges remain for social security to be an effective right for all.

This documentary presents the stories of Soares Cherinda, Crizalda António, Amélia Timbe, Beto Sitoe and Victória Pfumo, and describes the daily difficulties they encounter to ensure their livelihood, without access to a social protection system that would allow them to face the contingencies of illness, accident, old age or death.


22.01.2018 - Victoria Giroud-Castiella