Building Modern and Effective Labour Inspection Systems in Rwanda

The Rwandan Ministry of Public Service and Labour, together with the ILO, is organizing a capacity-building workshop for labour inspectors in Rwanda from November 27 to December 1, 2023.


The Ministry of Public Service and Labour has a mission of reinforcing the National Labour Standards, promote job creation and institutionalize an efficient and modern public service management framework that will enable private and public sector organizations to perform at their best and effectively contribute to improving the lives of the Rwandan population. The Ministry is committed to ensuring the enforcement of provisions enacted in the field of labour, examines how National Labour standards are applied at the workplace, and advises employers and workers on how to comply with labour laws. 

However, deficiencies in compliance with the Labour Law still persist especially in areas of employment contracts, affiliation of employees to RSSB, payment of salary through banks, occupational safety and health at work place and child labour. Continuous capacity development on labour law compliance is required to address these challenges.

Objective of the training 

To strengthen capacities of labour inspectors and RSSB inspectors in Rwanda based on the ILO curriculum on building modern and effective labour inspection systems. The training includes, policy and planning of labour inspection, cooperation and partnership, inspection of working conditions, inspection of employment relationships, soft skills for labour inspectors, mental health, hazard identification and risk assessment and elements related to workplace occupational safety and health policies.
Expected results 
All labour inspectors will have enhanced knowledge and skills on all areas of training’s focus.

The training resources and the training agenda are available under Resources.

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