Social Protection

The Social Service Delivery Mechanism (SSDM), a Single Window Service for social protection and employment services in Cambodia.

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This workspace is dedicated to the design and implementation of the Social Service Delivery Mechanism (SSDM), a Single Window Service for Social Protection and employment services in Cambodia.

The Single Window Service is one of the key recommendations of the Social Protection Assessment Based National Dialogue exercise conducted in Cambodia in 2012. The Single Window Service, under the name Social Service Delivery Mechanism (SSDM), was adopted by the Royal Government of Cambodia as the implementation and coordination mechanism of the National Social Protection Strategy for the Poor and Vulnerable. The ILO has been working in collaboration with national and sub-national governments to develop a SWS design adapted to the national and local contexts. The design of the SSDM was completed in September 2013 and the first offices were opened in June 2014. As requested by the Cambodian government, the ILO will continue to support implementation of the SWS mechanism in a number of pilot provinces. 

Click to download the official request from the government of Cambodia.

Click to see photographs and a video of the SSDM launch in Siem Reap.


Structure of the workspace

After a first section dedicated to the presentation of the Single Window Service concept, the workspace follows the four phases of the project:

  • Relevance of the concept in Cambodia
  • Assessment of existing Social Protection and employment measures in two provinces (Siem Reap and Banteay Meantchay)
  • Design of the SSDM
  • Implementation of the mechanism

One additional section on tripartism is dedicated to the role to be played by workers and employers' representatives in the implementation of  such a mechanism.

Finally, a library allows to consult all the existing documentation used for and produced by the project.


Key readings 

  • The four pages note on the SWS concept and its relevance in Cambodia and Indonesia - to download the brochure, click here
  • The design of the SSDM, lauched by the Deputy Prime Minister at the National Forum on Modality and Mechanism of National Social Protection Strategy Coordination at Sub-National Level on 6 December 2013 in Phnom Penh - to download the full report, click here


Homepage | The SWS concept | Relevance | Assessment | Design | Implementation | Tripartism | Library