Social Protection

Building social protection floors
and comprehensive social security systems

High level capacity building workshop on social protection for migrant workers

Extending social protection to migrant workers and their families


Addis Ababa, 3 – 6, December 2018


The objective of the proposed training is to build the capacity of the AUC, RECs and regional and sub-regional social partners to support the development and implementation of social protection instruments, including social protection extension strategies to migrant workers in the informal economy.

Specific learning objectives:

  • To enhance the understanding of participants on building comprehensive social protection systems.

  • To build capacities of participants to promote coherence across different social protections policies and strategies in order to improve the governance, administration and coordination of social protection systems at RECs and national levels.

  • To contribute to the harmonization and/or coordination of policies, strategies and initiative at RECs and national levels.

  • Understand the issues and opportunities related to the extension of social protection to migrant workers and their families

  • Appreciate the international legal and policy frameworks covering migrant workers and refugees

  • Analyse the different policy measures for extension of social protection to migrant workers in both countries of origin and destination

  • Share experiences/ good practices and lessons on enhancing access to social protection and portability of benefits to migrant workers and their families.


The training workshop is based on two training packages: TRANSFORM and the ILO How-to-Guide on extending social protection to migrant workers. TRANSFORM is an innovative learning package on the administration of national social protection floors in Africa.

TRANSFORM has been primarily developed by Africans experts to support policy formulation and implementation for comprehensive social protection systems - specific to addressing challenges of building and managing social protection floors in Africa. It covers a range of topics from design to implementation and monitoring and evaluation of social protection programmes. The How-to-Guide on extending social protection to migrant workers is a global program designed to build capacities of policy makers on extending social protection to migrant workers. It focuses on the particularities of migrant workers, the challenges and opportunities to access social security and policy options for effective access to social protection in both countries of origin and destination.


TRANSFORM (2 days): This training will introduce the compressed version of TRANSFORM, designed for senior officials and policy makers. The training delivery will be based on the TRANSFORM methodology that uses a pedagogical approach based on the principle that everyone involved in the training can take leadership for the change at different levels of social protection systems, and this change can contribute to transforming the system. The training materials include: a facilitators Guide, Activities Tool box, scenarios and case studies, presentations slides and participant’s material and hand-outs.

How-to-Guide on extending social protection for Migrant workers (2 days): The training methods will combine lectures and discussions, case studies, open space debate, role play exercises and group work. An action-oriented and participatory approach will be used, with particular attention to experience and knowledge sharing.

The gender dimension will be a cross-cutting theme throughout the training programme.

Target audience

Senior/Policy level officials engaged in policy dialogue and drive the design and implementation of regional social protection and migration policy frameworks. Target institutions include: AUC, AU Organs, RECs, Regional Organizations and Regional Social Partners.

Date and Venue

3 - 6 December 2018; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

For more information see the Concept Note, Curriculum, Programme, Presentations & Handouts, Participant & Resource Person List and Pictures.