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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

UNCT support

Pursuit of a nationally-defined, context-specific Social Protection Floor!

Under Outcome 1 of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2012-18, i.e. "Universal access to quality social services with focus on the MDGs", the Strategic Focus no. 4 is on "Pursuit of a nationally-defined, context-specific Social Protection Floor".

In this context, the UN supports the Government of Philippines in ensuring that policy options for a more comprehensive and coherent social protection system in the country, identified through the ABND, are integrated in the SPOFS Action Plan. The Government looks forward to sustained cooperation with the UN in capacity building of stakeholders and duty bearers at the national and local levels.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) are working with NEDA to develop a long-term vision, to achieve a better life for all people, by taking actions in the present, towards human development and poverty eradication. A workshop was held on 20 May 2015, to update the UNDAF 2012-18 and identify its focus areas. Of the seven focus areas, Strategic Focus no. 4 is on "Pursuit of a nationally-defined, context-specific Social Protection Floor".

People in the Philippines face vulnerabilities such as natural and man-made calamities, rapid changes caused by the ASEAN integration in 2015, armed conflict, and life cycle risks, which push people into unemployment,

underemployment, or temporary employment. Due to the varied geography of the country, there is no ‘one size fits all’ response to social protection, but a nationally-defined, context-specific SPF that can be developed through candid and participatory dialogue with stakeholders

In January 2015, the ABND process and work plan were presented to the UN Resident Coordinator and UNCT by ILO.

The main outcomes of the UNCT Philippines meeting on 21 May 2014 were:

1. ABND was recognized as a useful exercise by the UNCT which would enrich the UNDAF process, provide a comprehensive and simplified idea of the existing social protection situation. It would also identify the needs, gaps and priority policy options to further develop the social protection system in the country. The ABND would be a good opportunity to involve national partners in a broad group including the UN, government, civil society, workers and employers.

2. Full support would be given by the United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office (UNRCO) and UN agencies to participate in the ABND exercise.

3. The existing focal group on social protection could be involved in conducting the ABND.

4. The exercise would also look at humanitarian and disaster management programmes in the Philippines, in addition to social protection, poverty alleviation and human development programmes.

5. At the ministerial level, linkages would have to be established with the HDPR cluster.

6. The institutions involved at the technical level of the ABND would include DOLE, DSWD, NEDA, Department of Health, Department of Education, Social Security Commission, in addition to other ministries and government agencies.

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