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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


The ILO Social Security Inquiry database

10.01.2011 - Florence Bonnet
Consultations 70344

Summary (French)

The objective of the ILO Social Security Inquiry (SSI) is to collect, store and disseminate comparable statistical data on social security worldwide. This includes expenditure and receipts of social protection schemes as well as data on protected persons, recipients of social benefits and benefit amounts. The rationale of the inquiry is to address the lack of (comparable) social security statistics outside the OECD world.

Collected information should:

  • Allow calculation of indicators for specific social security schemes and selected aggregate indicators at national level for as many countries as possible;
  • Constitute a basis for analysis within the framework of studies and research work;
  • Contribute to measure progress towards decent work with respect to its social security dimension;
  • Be accessible to internal and external users but in a regulated way (different scope of access depending on category of users).

Such information provides elements of diagnosis for social policy implementation which have to be complemented by other sources and types of information (contextual indicators, qualitative information notably on the legislation and programmes, household surveys micro data, etc.).

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The ILO social security inquiry gives access to a limited set of data, indicators and countries in "public" mode. A extensive set of information is available on request.