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Assessment-based national dialogue exercises and social protection floors in East and Southeast Asia

Social Space - Issue Six

Schmitt, V., Chadwick, R.
Lien Centre for Social Innovation
Asia y Pacífico
Camboya - Indonesia - Viet Nam - Tailandia
piso de protección social
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Resumen (inglés)

This article has been published by Lien Centre for Social Innovation. It discusses the methodology used in the assessment-based national dialogue (ABND) exercises carried out by the ILO between 2011 and 2013, in collaboration with governments and several United Nations agencies working as part of the Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPF-I), in four countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

These exercises helped to assess what elements of national SPFs were in place and provided with concrete recommendations for the implementation of national social protection floors. This article provides an overview of those main findings and recommendations, as well as the results of preliminary calculations of the cost of implementing proposed policy options.