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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Financing social protection

Quantitative Methods in Social Protection Series

Cichon, M., et al.; ILO, Financial, Actuarial and Statistical Services Branch; ISSA
International Labour Office; International Social Security Association
Quantitative Method Series (ILO)
05.11.2009 - SP Admin
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Summary (English)

Designing social protection systems that are effective and equitable as well as fiscally, financially and economically efficient has been a challenge for many countries. This book offers a comprehensive overview of the many financing options available while also provides a thorough analysis of their advantages and disadvantages and their financial and economic implications. The most important task of social protection systems is to alleviate and prevent poverty. The book presents a "methodological toolbox" from which social protection planners, managers and social policy analysts can work.

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