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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Namibia Social Protection Floor Assessment

International Labour Office; ILO DWT for Eastern and Southern Africa and ILO Country Office
978-92-2-128879-4 (print); 978-92-2-128880-0 (web pdf)
xxii; 233
Technical Cooperation Report (ILO)
assessment - social protection floor
30.10.2014 - Carla Alcobia
Consultations 13071 / Download 7683

Summary (English)

This report is the result of collaboration between the Government of Namibia and the ILO. Drawing on the Social Protection Expenditure and Performance Review (SPER) and Social Budget methodologies, the objectives of the report are: 1) to improve the knowledge and information base on the coverage and performance of social protection in Namibia, focusing particularly on the SPF guarantees; and 2) to build the capacity of constituents in identifying reform priorities in the field of social protection. The latter is done by applying a social budget planning tool, providing simulations of future social protection expenditures, and establishing a nationwide social dialogue.

The report sets out the socio-economic context and trajectory in Namibia, describes the components and performance of its social protection system (including its impact on poverty and inequality) and on the basis of the evidence makes recommendations for improvement of the social protection system.