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Mettre en place des socles de protection sociale et des systèmes complets de sécurité sociale


Modelling in health care finance. A compendium of quantitative techniques for health care financing.

Quantitative Methods in Social Protection Series

Cichon, M.; Newbrander, W.; Yamabana, H.; Weber, A.; Normand, C.; Dror, D.; Preker, A.
International Labour Office; International Social Security Association
xx, 378
Quantitative Method Series (BIT)
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Résumé (anglais)

This unique book provides a solid understanding of the basics of modelling and assists health care professionals in grasping its uses in the policy-making process. A valuable guidebook for health system and health insurance managers alike, this volume offers the quantitative and analytic tools needed for sound resource allocation and financial governance of health systems. It creates synergies and bridges gaps between quantitative health economics, health financing and actuarial science while presenting methods for improving the efficiency, and lowering the costs, of current health systems. A joint technical publication of the ILO and the International Social Security Association (ISSA).

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