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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Global Product "Strengthening Tripartite Governance of Social Security"

Updated by Dung Doan Thuy on 30.08.2012

About the Global Product

At the beginning of the biennium 2011-2012, the Social Security Department of the ILO created a Global Product for Strengthening the Tripartite Governance of National Social Security Systems(GP-STGSSS). The primary goal of the Global Product is to create and improve tripartite representatives capacities for national governance of social security systems through state of the art training of top decision makers.

The primary target audiences are workers’ and employers’ representatives with responsibilities in social security and social protection boards as well as high level government officials. Additional target audiences are members of other bodies taking decisions or ruling on social security matters such as members of parliamentarian commissions or judges dealing with social security and social protection matters.

The Global Product has a three-phase implementation process in 2011:

  • Phase 1:  Preparation of standard course material
  • Phase 2:  Carrying out “Executive Courses” in the different regions and getting feedback and evaluation from participants.
  • Phase 3:  Updating and disseminating the standard course material through the Global Extension of Social Security (GESS) platform.


As from 2012 the standard material developed in 2011 will be permanently updated and enhanced and new training and disseminating tools will be developed in the framework of the Global Product. Executive courses will continue in 2012 depending on budgetary provisions and development of partnerships with interested parties and stakeholders.

Currently, the Social Security Department of the ILO is collaborating with the social security experts of the ILO Decent Work Technical Support teams and the ILO social security projects worldwide. The Social Security Department is also building on existing partnerships in particular with prestigious universities and sister organisations dealing with social security and social protection issues.

Sir Roy Trotman,
General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union:

"The ILO is providing an excellent opportunity for us to revisit the quality of our social planning. Two days will only whet your appetites to unleash your genius onto a fuller study of the subject."

Dra Ileana Balmaceda Arias,
Chief Executive of the CCSS (Costa Rican Social Security Fund):

"La actividad no solamente permitió que los participantes crecieran en conocimiento, sino que se solventaran en gran medida las inquietudes y dudas que algunos mantenían en torno a la sostenibilidad financiera del Seguro de Invalidez, Vejez y Muerte, que administra la Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS)."

Ms Isabelle Hoferlin,
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC):

"Este evento fue un momento importante para sentar bases hacia el reforzamiento del diálogo social al ofrecer un espacio de acercamiento y de discusión entre las organizaciones sindicales agrupadas en el sector sindical y la representación de los empleadores de Haití, a través de la ADIH (Asociación de las Industrias de Haití)."

Mr Mamadu Iaia Djaló,
O Director Geral do Instituto Nacional de Previdência Social da Guiné-Bissau:

"Podemos considerar de muito frutuoso, trouxe a ribalta grandes intervenções e discussões com resultados super esperados em termos de envolvimentos políticos, empresariais, sindicatos entre outros participantes. A conferência de Novembro ainda contribuiu significativamente para a sensibilização e capacitação dos parceiros sociais."


Executive Courses

The main objective of the Executive Course is to inform and update ILO’s tripartite constituents dealing with social security and social protection issues on the latest developments in these fields as well as to basic social security concepts.

Considering the heavy agendas and limited time of participants, the Executive Courses last from one to two days during which participants will receive state of the art and updated information in a minimum of time.

Due to budgetary constraints, Executive Courses are run at the national level. In the future, the possibility of conducting sub-regional and even regional ones will be explored.

Past Executive Courses


  • Barbados, 12-13 May 2011

  • Haiti, 16-19 May 2011

  • Costa Rica, 23-24 May 2011

MENA Countries

  • Kingdom of Morocco, 3-4 Aug 2011

CIS Countries

  • Tajikistan, 26-27 Sep 2011

  • Kyrgyzstan, 29-30 Sep 2011


  • Cape Verde, 10-11 Nov 2011

  • Guinea-Bissau, 14-15 Nov 2011

  • Tanzania, 21-23 Nov 2011

  • Mozambique, 25 Nov 2011


  • Thailand, 13-14 Mar 2012

Forthcoming Executive Courses

  • India, (To Be Announced)

Training Material

Amongst other issues, and depending on the length of the course, the following issues are addressed:

  • The evolution of thinking: social security reforms and the Decent Work Agenda.(download)
  • Demographics, risks, vulnerability and life cycle.(download)
  • Economic, financial and actuarial issues for non-specialists.
  • Governance and supervision of social security and social protection schemes.
  • The global crisis: the response of the ILO and the UN.(download)
  • The World Social Security Report 2010-2011.
  • The Social Protection Floor initiative (SPF-I) and the Report of the Advisory Group.
  • The Recurrent discussion on social protection (social security) under the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization, at the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference, 2011.(download)
  • The conclusions concerning the Recurrent discussion on social protection (social security).(download)

  • The sixth meeting of the G-20 heads of government in Cannes, France, and their recognition of the importance of investing in nationally determined social protection floors.

Course Statistics

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Social Security Department
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Social Security Department
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