Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems



Individual or household receiving benefits at a specific pint in time/during a period of time. In most cases, beneficiaries are individuals, yet in some cases, benefits are paid to households [ref. 6622]

See also: case

social transfers

Social transfers represent a transfer from one group in a society to another (e.g. from the active age groups to the old) either in cash or in kind (access to goods and social services). The recipients qualify because they have earned entitlements through fulfilling obligations (e.g. paying contributions) and/or meeting certain social or behavioural conditions (e.g. being sick; being poor; carrying out public works). In recent years, this term has been used to describe schemes for all residents that provide benefits under the single condition of residence (universal cash transfers) or social assistance schemes that require additional behavioural conditions as prerequisites (conditional cash transfers). [ref.23091]