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Measuring and monitoring country progress towards universal health coverage: concepts, indicators, and experiences

Meeting summary - July 20, 2012 Washington DC

social health protection
02.10.2012 - Marie-Aude Giroud
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Summary (English)

This document is the summary of a meeting held in Washington, DC on July 20, 2012, with 43 key global stakeholders engaged in universal health coverage (UHC)-related efforts. The overall meeting purpose was to move towards consensus on ways to measure country progress towards UHC. Agree on what indicators are readily available; assess current experiences on monitoring UHC; identify major areas where further work is required; and begin to develop an agenda and priorities for the next 6-9 months. The specific objectives of the meetings were:

  • Present and discuss a proposal for a hierarchy of indicators related to the three dimensions of the UHC conceptual framework: Population (who is covered?); Services (which services are covered?); and Direct Costs (what proportion of the costs is covered?).
  • Present analytic work to date on application of concrete metrics for measuring UHC using available secondary data.
  • Solicit feedback and expert advice on indicators presented, identifying gaps needing additional conceptual work or improved data gathering methods.
  • Plan ahead by reviewing key processes and lessons learned from previous experiences with measuring country performance using global metrics.
  • Discuss next steps to follow-up on the meeting.