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Manual de Procedimentos do Programa Subsídio Social Básico
Guide / manual , Governo de Moçambique, 2022
Uzbekistan: Social Protection for All
Video / film , ILO, 2021
Social protection responses to the COVID-19 crisis: Country responses and policy considerations
Policy brief , International Labour Organization; Social Protection Department, 2020
Rumo a uma segurança social universal para a pessoa idosa em Moçambique
Policy brief , R. Castel Branco; R. Vicente Andrés; International Labour Organization, 2019
Towards universal social security for the elderly in Mozambique
Policy brief , R. Castel-Branco; R. Vicente Andrés, 2019
Thailand: Universal social pension
SPF brief , ILO, 2016
Challenges in long-term care of the elderly in Central and Eastern Europe
Report , Hirose, K.; Czepulis-Rutkowska, Z.; International Labour Organization, 2016
Timor-Leste: Universal old-age and disability pensions
SPF brief , André F. Bongestabs, 2016
The Basic Social Grant for all older persons in Namibia
USP Brief , Wiman, R.; Helenius, H.; Masabane, P., 2016
The universal pension scheme in Zanzibar
USP Brief , Gbadamosi, A.; Knox-Vydmanov, C., 2016
Universal old-age pensions in Botswana
USP Brief , Morgan, R.; Radibe, R., 2016
Universal old-age pensions in Brazil
USP Brief , Paiva, L. H., 2016
Universal old-age pensions in Georgia
USP Brief , Abels, M., 2016
Universal old-age pensions in Kosovo
USP Brief , Abels, M., 2016
Universal old-age pensions in Maldives
USP Brief , Sun, C., 2016
Universal old-age pensions in Mongolia
USP Brief , Neuland, S., 2016
Universal pensions in Azerbaijan
USP Brief , de Vendeuvre, O., 2016
Universal pensions in China
USP Brief , Hu, A., 2016
Universal pensions in Lesotho
USP Brief , Westphal, T., 2016
South Africa: Older Person's Grant
SPF brief , Johan Strijdom, Oumar Diop, (African Union Commission), Thea Westphal (ILO), 2016
Lesotho: Universal Old Age Pension
SPF brief , Thea Westphal, 2016
The state of social protection in ASEAN at the dawn of integration
Report , Ong, C. B.; Peyron Bista, C., 2015
Pensions and other social protection benefits for older persons
Policy brief , International Labour Organization, 2014
Social protection for older persons. Key policy trends and statistics
Policy Papers (ILO) , Social protection Department, International Labour Office, 2014
Income security for older persons in Viet Nam: Social pensions
Brochure / fact sheet , ILO, UNFPA, 2014
Old age social protection options for Bangladesh
Report , Haque Khondker, B.; Knox-Vydmanov, C.; Vilela, A., 2013
Costa Rica - Pensiones de la CCSS están lejos del colapso
Article , Schwarzer, H.; Velasco, S., 2014
Nuevo modelo de protección para la vejez
Presentation (PowerPoint) , Callejas, O. L., 2013
The gender gap in pensions in the EU
Studies , European Commission, Directorate- General for Justice, 2013
Ageing, solidarity and social protection in Latin America and the Caribbean
Report , Huenchuan, S.; Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 2013
Social Protection for Older Persons: Social Pensions in Asia
Book (or chapter) , Asian Development Bank, 2012
Law Decree N.º 19/2008 - Support subsidy for the elderly and invalids
Legal text , Government of Timor-Leste, 2008
Ageing in the twenty-first century. A celebration and a challenge
Report , UNFPA; HelpAge International, 2012
Information Centre on Social Protection (CIPS)
Website , CPLP, ILO Lisbon Office, ILO/STEP, 2008
Social security and reforms in Ukraine
Working paper , Pascal, A., 2005
Haiti earthquake: Flash appeal 2010
Report , United Nations, 2010
Maldives Pension Act (unofficial translation)
Legal text , Government of The Maldives, 2009
Inter-Agency Show and Tell Meeting 2010 - Social Protection
Conference , ILO, Social Security Department, 2010
Entrevista con John Woodall
Interview , Schmitt-Diabaté, V.; Wodsak, V.; OIT, Departamento de Seguridad Social, 2009
Interview with John Woodall
Interview , Schmitt-Diabaté, V.; Wodsak, V.; ILO, Social Security Department, 2009
Older People and Climate Change
Website , HelpAge International, 2009
Namibia's Universal Pension Scheme: Trends and challenges
ESS Paper Series (ILO) , Schleberger, E.; ILO, Social Security Policy and Development Branch, 2002
Perspectives on the social security system of China
ESS Paper Series (ILO) , Drouin, A.; Thompson, L.H., 2006
Social security pensions. Development and reform. Executive summary
Book (or chapter) , Gillion, C.; Bailey, C. et al.; ILO, Social Security Department, 2000
Actuarial practice in social security
Quantitative Method Series (ILO) , Plamondon, P.; Drouin, A.; Binet, G.; Cichon, M.; McGillivray, W.; Bédard, M.; Perez-Montas, H.; ILO, ISSA, 2004
Tools on the extension of social security for the informal economy. Focus on the Philippines
Guide / manual , ILO SRO for South-East Asia and the Pacific, 2007
Social protection: Children, working poor and unemployed
Presentation (PowerPoint) , corriger lors de l'application parent/enfant, 2009
The U.S. retirement system
Presentation (PowerPoint) , U.S. Department of Labour, 2009
Ageing and poverty in Africa and the role of social pensions
Working paper , Kakwani, N.; Subbarao, K., 2005
HelpAge International
Website , HelpAge International, 2009
Pensions and the financial crisis
Working paper , Champalbert, A.; ILO-STEP, 2009
Programa de Desarrollo Humano Oportunidades
Website , Secretaría de Desarrollo Social, México, 2009
Demands for redistributive policies in an era of demographic aging
Other , Busemeyer, M. R.; Goerres, A.; Weschle, S., 2008
Health, ageing and retirement in Europe. First results from SHARE
Book (or chapter) , Börsch-Supan, A.; Brugiavini, A.; Jürges, H.; Mackenbach,J.; Siegrist, J.; Weber, G. (eds), 2005
Réforme de la retraite: Expérience de la France
Report , Guégano, Y. (COR); BIT, 2007
Non-contributory pensions and poverty prevention
Research paper , IDPM, HelpAge International, 2003
Insurance for the Poor (IfP) Program
Brochure / fact sheet , World Bank, 2008
Website , Eldis, 2007