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Launch of the Social Service Delivery Mechanism (SSDM) in Cambodia

The Social Service Delivery Mechanism (SSDM), which is akin to a single window service for social protection and employment services, was officially launched in Cambodia on 11 June 2014. Six offices were opened in Angkor Chum and Srei Snam district, Siem Reap province. New SSDM offices will be progressively expanded to all communes of the province, and finally to the entire country.

The SSDM is a one-stop shop hosted in decentralized government structures. It aims to bring social protection and employment services closer to the people; empower local communities and sub-national administrations in delivering social services; and promote greater access to information and transparency, as stressed by H.E Ngy Chanphal, Secretary of State, Ministry of Interior and Vice-chairman of the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD).

The SSDM offices have five functions:

  1. to disseminate information on existing programmes;
  2. to facilitate applications and enrolment in social programmes;
  3. to maintain the management information system;
  4. to assist in the appeals processes; and
  5. to provide specific services.

District governors of Angkor Chum and Srei Snam shared their commitment to implement the SSDM using existing administrative structures. The launch was attended by 300 participants from national line ministries, provincial and district officers, commune councils, village chiefs, worker and employer representatives, students, development partners working in Siem Reap and district areas.

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23.06.2014 - Loveleen De