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Brazil: "Bolsa Família" reaches 14 million families in October

CIPS - Information Centre on Social Protection

Over 13,9 million families received income from the Bolsa Família programme in October. The Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger is making a transfer of R$ 2,37 billion; the average amount of the benefit is R$ 169,67.

On Monday, 20th of October, the programme Bolsa Família completed 11 years. According to the Minister of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger, the programme went beyond direct cash transfer, reaching results in terms of education and health thanks to the programme conditionalities. For instance, mortality rates decreased by 58% for children between zero and six years old due to causes related to malnutrition; also, school drop-out rate for programme beneficiaries in basic education reached 2,8%, which is lower than the national average of 3,2%.

The Bolsa Família Programme was indicated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as one of the main strategies adopted by Brazil with results in overcoming hunger.

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06.11.2014 - Carla Alcobia