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Government moves ILO assessment forward in Namibia

A national social protection assessment led by the Namibian government and conducted by the ILO received the endorsement of a national inter-departmental committee headed by the office of the prime minister and including representatives from the Namibian Ministry of Finance, central bank, and other government departments covering labour and social welfare issues. The committee agreed unanimously to submit the findings to presidential cabinet for endorsement.

The committee gave the green light following a presentation of the assessment’s findings at a high-level meeting held on 18 November under the auspices of the Office of the Prime Minister and chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister.

The assessment, published earlier this year, describes the make-up and performance of Namibia's social protection system, including its impacts on reducing poverty and inequalities in the country, and goes on to make recommendations for improvements. The recommendations focus on the need to create a comprehensive legislative basis for social protection floors, a streamlined and coordinated delivery platform, and a sound monitoring framework, among others.

administration , assessment , legislation , regulation / supervision

24.11.2014 - James Canonge